Portfolio- John A. Konneker

John Arthur Konneker (dba JAK Grafix) company logo. Illustrator/photoshop.

Photo-realistic recreation of gauge products (in both day and night-lit modes) for ISSPRO of Portland, Oregon. 95% build-up from scratch. Photos and product were unavailable and budget precluded studio photography.

Tee shirt design for The Utah Shakespearean Festival. Originally an Oregon Shakespeare Festival Design for a screen printer in Portland Oregon.

The devastation left behind from a class 5 brain storm for the logo design of Flishorse Software Services of Eugene, Oregon. Various feels explored.

Proposed bike helmet design for competition. Wrecked my bike and missed the submission deadline. Might have won, no?

Tee shirt design proposal for Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, Oregon. Illustrator.

Meet Nobbi. Original character development sketch for a series of fringe sport freaks intended for tee shirt design in Portland, Oregon.

A bikini clad dead skater girl with her dead dog. Duh. Illustrator.

Final logo for The Coffee Outpost of Aurora Oregon.

Yet more devastation as a result of a logo design brain storm. Code Chop of Portland, Oregon.

Triclops. Part of a series of alien/monster skulls originating from the simple process of self-teaching brushes in photoshop.

Proposed sketch as part of a primitive and iconic animal spirits series. Caran D’ache water soluble crayons on black construction paper.

Charcoal, eraser, and white wax pencil sketch for fun, as part of a Phil Sylvester class in Portland, Oregon.

Proposed website navigation icons/buttons for various aspects of screen-printing.

Proposed website page background for cutting edge screen-printer. (macro inset of dog silhouette is both flocked and lenticular screen-printed textile)

Portland company Christmas design for custom serigraphed(screen printed) cards. Image is from a birds-eye view of two puppies wrassling. (Zoie & Chaucer)

A compilation of logo ideas for the original Borderline Publishing, of Boise, Idaho.

Proposed patch design for my brother’s C-130 Hercules squadron 815, “The Flying Jennies”

Tee design for a dirty, filthy bowling team, “The Huge Phoenix”

Photoshop “enhanced” team logo for Beaverton company. Grass-textured, weathered and abused as if it were midfield, post-game.

Portland company catalog cover for available Sanmar products.

Standard gauge products catalog cover for ISSPRO of Portland, Oregon.

I’m not allowed to say anything about this. You’re lucky to be allowed to gaze upon it. Illustrator.

Cover design for the teen vampire thriller, Eternus, by Kimberli Reynolds.

Original mascot/logo design idea for the Fighting Aardvarks of the Oregon Episcopal School. Illustrator.

Business card design for Latitudes Screen printing of Portland, Oregon. The odd gradient fill of the silhouette represents a foil…which turned out very well indeed. Illustrator.

Tee shirt design for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Freehand (the software, not the drawing technique)

Tee shirt design for the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Freehand (the software, not the drawing technique)

Secret stuff. Can’t tell you about it. Illustrator.

Even more dazzling secret stuff I can’t speak about. Illustrator.