I've made Portland Oregon my home. Camille Marie is my wife and Truman, the Australian Terrier, is my sidekick. We're happy to be completely dug into this amazing environment and community and we wouldn't live anywhere else. I'm the 6th child of an Air Force hero and a librarian, I've been drawing, designing, and creating since 1973 when it all started with recess doodling. I won't stop. You can't make me. I look forward to our next opportunity to push boundaries, learn, develop, and make happiness…through creating.


Art Director

Latitudes Screenprint

Wearing many hats, I was part of the core that helped this company pull itself up by its bootstraps. Re-inventing myself by necessity(due to industry changes) I taught myself Illustrator and Photoshop. Handling everything under the design sun and as much under the advertising and sales moon, I collaborated with the principals to present the company as the sophisticated leader it was/is. From a company of 6 employees in 1994, we grew to become an industry force that the consultants consult. Our happy clients included Wieden & Kennedy, Adidas, Nike Jordan, Specialized, Lucy, and many more. We parted ways on good terms and remain close friends.


Barton College

BFA Commercial Art & Advertising Design

Polished off a degree after a fine education from Johnston Communitty College and the likes of the late great Frank Creech of Duke University.


LATITUDES ISSPRO Western Pacific Nike


Illustrator Photoshop Drawing/Illustration Basic Flash Animation Photography